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Wilson's selfie wins Europe's first Vertical Groove 5-Wood

Wilson's selfie wins Europe's first Vertical Groove 5-Wood

Here's proof that when you see a competition that doesn't look all that hard to enter - you should enter it.

Especially if the prize on offer is to become Europe's first owner of a Vertical Groove Golf 5-Wood

40yr old golfer John Wilson, from Anstruther in Fife, did just that at the 2018 Scottish Golf Show, run by Bunkered golf magazine.

He spotted that Vertical Groove Golf was running a 'Vertical Selfie' prize draw, open to people who visited their booth at the Show, took a selfie there, and Tweeted it to the company's Twitter feed @vertgroovegolf.

One immaculate selfie and a Tweet later, and his name was in the draw alongside the other entrants.

Vertical Groove Golf selfie - John Wilson, Scottish Golf Show 2018

(Above - John's textbook selfie from the Scottish Golf Show. Vertical Groove Golf Logo *and* Bunkered magazine both in shot ...)

For good measure, Wilson also took a second selfie when he got home.

Vertical Groove Golf - John Wilson's second selfie of the day ...

(Above - John's 'just to be sure' second selfie. This man is thorough.)

Vertical Groove Golf staff did the draw in early April, and Wilson's name came out of the proverbial hat. He wins a Vertical Groove Golf 5-Wood, set to join the Driver and 3-Wood on sale in late summer 2018. Wilson will be custom-fitted by Vertical Groove Golf prior to the club being built. He will be the first golfer in Europe to own the club.

"My iron play is the more consistent part of my game, but I can't wait to put the new Vertical Groove 5-Wood in my bag" said Wilson, a 28-handicapper at Anstruther Golf Club, not far from St Andrews. "I only started playing two years ago, persuaded by a good friend, and now I am addicted to it. 

"I hit the Vertical Groove Driver at the Scottish Golf Show, and it was amazing. Now that I'm no longer a complete beginner, I am looking to get my handicap down and I am sure that the Vertical Groove 5-Wood will help me."

Wilson is not just an avid golfer - he is an avid golf magazine reader too, subscribing not only to Bunkered - Scotland's biggest golf magazine - but also to Golf Monthly and Today's Golfer.

We'll post news of how John got on with his new 5-Wood, later this year.

Congratulations John Wilson, from all at Vertical Groove Golf around the world!