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TRACKMAN REPORTS - February 2018

In February 2018 at Trump Jupiter Golf Club in Florida, independent True Spec Golf custom-fitters met with club golfers to put the Vertical Groove Driver through its paces on Trackman. Here's what they found.

Golfer: Ty F.

Test club: Vertical Groove Driver

His 'Gamer' club: Titleist 915 Driver

Also compared: TaylorMade M3 Driver

Results: Ty hit the VG Driver over 12 yards further than his preferred club or 'gamer', the Titleist 915. He also tested a TaylorMade M3: that fell short of the VG Driver as well. He also saw much tighter dispersion stats from the VG Driver - his Titleist and TaylorMade strikes were spread over a much wider area. See ball performance graphic below.

Golfer: Matt M.

Test club: Vertical Groove Driver

His 'Gamer' club: TaylorMade M1

Results: In the test Matt out-hit his own TaylorMade M1 by almost a dozen yards, with the Vertical Groove Driver.  See ball performance graphic below.

Golfer: Mike G.

Test club: Vertical Groove Driver

His 'Gamer' club: not known

Results: We've shown Mike's dispersion graphic below - it shows how he hit the Vertical Groove Driver straighter than his regular Driver. Average distances were exactly the same - but in play, Mike would have hit more fairways with the Vertical Groove. See ball dispersion graphic below.